Autorité de l’Aviation Civile du Burundi
Jeudi 22 juin
Clair de lune voilé
Clair de lune voilé

Nuit - Min  21°C
Vent : N/D km/h
Risque de precip. : 0%
Vendredi 23 juin
Soleil et nuages épars
Soleil et nuages épars

Max 29°C - Min  21°C
Vent : 16 km/h
Risque de precip. : 0%
Samedi 24 juin
Soleil voilé
Soleil voilé

Max 30°C - Min  21°C
Vent : 14 km/h
Risque de precip. : 0%

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Airworthiness Advisory Circulars

Numero TGM Number Subject
1 BCAA-AC-OPS001A Cert of Air Operator
3 BCAA-AC-AWS001A Aircraft Registration Acceptance
4 BCAA-AC-AWS003A Renewal -CoA
5 BCAA-AC-AWS004A Special Fight Permit
6 BCAA-AC-AWS005 Draft AOC Certification
7 BCAA-AC-AWS007B Certification of Foreign AMO
8 BCAA-AC-AWS008A Aircraft Maintenance Programme - Commercial Air Operators
9 BCAA-AC-AWS009A Maintenance Programme General Aviation
10 BCAA-AC-AWS010A Maintenance Reliability Programme
11 BCAA-AC-AWS012 Quality Assurance System
12 BCAA-AC-AWS013B Technical Stores Management
13 BCAA-AC-AWS014A Modifications and Repairs
14 BCAA-AC-AWS016A Mass & Balance
15 BCAA-AC-AWS017A Maintanance Contract Development
16 BCAA-AC-AWS018A Training Programme Approval-R
17 BCAA-AC-AWS019A MPM Development..doc - rev2
18 BCAA-AC-AWS021 Adoption of Airworthiness Code of a Foreign State
19 BCAA-AC-AWS022 Procedures for Validation of Aircraft Noise Certificate
20 BCAA-AC-AWS023A Procedures for Reporting Faults Malfunctions Incidents and Defects-1
21 BCAA-AC-AWS024A Guidelines on Specialised Maintenance Activities - Welding NDT revised
22 BCAA-AC-AWS029 Compliance with Mandatory Inspections and Modification