AACB positively appreciates CASSOA support in Burundi

"The Civil Aviation Authority of Burundi (AACB) positively appreciates the support that CASSOA has consistently provided to Burundi through its many assistance missions, especially during the preparation of security and security audits. Civil Aviation Security ", Emmanuel Habimana, Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Burundi.

He affirmed it at a meeting held on Monday, March 18, on the sensitization of partners and stakeholders in the field of civil aviation on the establishment of a mechanism for sustainable financing of the activities of the Agency of Civil Aviation for Safety and Security Supervision CASSOA.

"Burundi’s partners and stakeholders welcome the initiative of meeting with them to discuss the concerns of the development of the air transport sector in the region in general and the mechanism for financing the activities of the agency in charge of the supervision. safety and security in civil aviation, "says the director of the civil aviation authority of Burundi.

Continuing his speech, Emmanuel Habimana saluted the courage of the Director General of CASSOA for accepting the debate on the concern for the equal contribution of States within the agency, "which is an unfair principle in view of practices in this area that want the contributions to be fixed based on the level and volume of aeronautical activities in each country ".

"With regard to raising the level of oversight of the safety and security of the aviation system in Burundi, the AACB will play its full role in order to continue to implement the standards and practices recommended by the organization of the aviation safety and security system. International Civil Aviation (ICAO), "he confirmed.

Emmanuel Habimana said that faced with the challenges of the future, AACB will remain open and committed to aligning its projects with projected growth in Burundi.

As for relations with partners, the AACB will keep all communication channels to ensure a good future for civil aviation in Burundi.

Ministry in charge of transport also welcomes CASSOA mission to Burundi

In his speech, Salvator Nakumuryango, assistant minister of transport, public works and equipment, said that the CASSOA mission in Burundi demonstrates the importance attached to the development of the civil aviation sector in particular and the transport sector. transport in general.

According to him, this mission is the result of several factors, including the stability and security that Burundi enjoys today, the strong will of the government to promote a safe, secure, and efficient air transport sector, the success recorded by Burundi. in terms of audits as well as the vast amount of cooperation relations between Burundi and EAC member countries.

The Burundi government through AACB encourages partners to maintain operations based on collaboration, dialogue, mutual assistance with the civil aviation authority of Burundi.

By Burundi Net Media Team


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